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Moorooka Car Safety Certificate and Roadworthy provide prompt and reliable services for attaining car Safety Certificates. Safety Certificates were originally known as Roadworthy Certificates but with the advancements in car and road safety standards, they’ve come to be called Safety Certificates. Today’s road safety compliance standards mean Safety Certificates are much more comprehensive than Roadworthy Certificates once were.


Pre-purchase inspections are essential so you can be sure of what you’re purchasing. Our group of highly experienced mechanics will search every nook and cranny of your car to give you an overall and thorough idea of the car’s condition. This helps avoid expensive repairs in the future.

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Pre-purchase Inspections

When purchasing a vehicle, particularly if it’s used, you want to know what you’re buying — before you fork out the cash.


Our pre-purchase inspections are thorough and provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of the vehicle, including any structural damage we may find. Our highly qualified mechanics look through the engine, interior, and body meticulously before developing a full mechanical report so you know what you’re buying. We can inspect any kind of vehicle, no matter the make or size.


Moorooka Car Safety Certificates’ comprehensive reports mean you’ll know exactly what you’re buying and you’ll have the knowledge and tools to negotiate a better price on the vehicle. Obtaining a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle from Moorooka Car Safety Certificates will give you an advantage.

Safety Certificates & Roadworthy

Safety Certificates (previously known as Roadworthy Certificates) cover all the basic safety items like tyres, brakes, lights, suspension, rust or damage to the body, as well as more particular safety details.


When selling a car, Queensland law states that the registered vehicle must have a valid Safety Certificate and significant fines may apply for failing to provide one. Safety Certificates have varying validities depending on who provided them and how the car is being sold. Buyers should always ensure the Safety Certificate is valid before purchasing any vehicle — transferring the registration of the vehicle cannot be completed without a certificate. When selling a car, you are legally responsible for providing a Safety Certificate and completing any repairs that may be required for the certificate to be issued.


Unregistered vehicles don’t require the seller to provide a Safety Certificate, although it is in the buyer’s best interest to obtain one before committing to the sale.


At Moorooka Car Safety Certificates, we know how important the upkeep of your vehicle is. Our highly qualified and experienced mechanics understand the importance of safety on the road and offer full mechanical services and repairs outside of Safety Certificates.


Uneven or excessive tyre wear, loose or ‘floaty’ steering, and shuddering can be a sign of problems with your brakes, steering, or suspension. We have the latest in diagnostic technology to narrow down exactly what the problem is and the expertise and quality equipment to perform the repair.


If your car’s running at a higher or inconsistent temperature, your radiator could just need a good clean or it may have an issue. We’ll give it a thorough inspection to find the source of the issue and repair it.


We have the expertise, advanced skill, and technology required to undergo auto electrical repairs.

GVM Upgrades (on selected vehicles)

‘GVM’ refers to the maximum weight your 4WD may come to when fully loaded, Gross Vehicle Mass. GVM upgrades are an important aspect to keeping you and your 4WD safe on the road, as well as ensuring you’re following all regulations associated with 4WDs. The GVM of your vehicle is specified by the original equipment manufacturer.


The original suspension is designed for comfort before anything else and so often your 4WD’s GVM will be compromised. We design suspension systems with components tailored for load-bearing and performance in your vehicle.


Moorooka Car Safety Certificates offer general servicing on all vehicles and we can service your air conditioner as well. Having your car’s air conditioner serviced regularly by our mechanics prevents unnecessary breaks and keeps your car’s climate control in tip-top condition.

Modification Plates

Any vehicle modified in Queensland requires approval for the modifications from Queensland Department of Transport. The point of this process is to ensure modifications are completed to an acceptable standard and the vehicle will continue to operate safely. Authorised officers must be suitably qualified, experienced persons who’ve received authority from the Minister of Transport to approve modifications on certain types of vehicles.

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